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Flexstar® Belt
A high tension flat belt with high power transmission capacity that allows space saving drive design and reduces maintenance cost.

  • Uniform belt thickness and minimized vibration result in a smooth running and quiet drive
  • Being light and thin makes high speed drive up to 60m/sec possible
  • Heat and oil resistance. Static conductive

  • Applications:
  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Machine tools
  • Woodworking machine
  • Textile machinery
Brand(s) Available:


Types : FL, FM, FH
Size Designation

20 FM 1400

20 - Belt Width (mm)
FM - Belt Type
1400 - Belt Length (mm)
Inner Fabric
Inner Fabric makes possible to improve cross-wise strength eliminating length wise breakage and use the smaller diameter pulleys.

Tension Members
Pre-stretched polyester tension members minimize the belt stretch and transmit the higher horsepower.

Synthetic Rubber
Synthetic Rubber compounds gives higher co-efficient of friction and worn-out resistance, resulting in higher flex life.
Flat Belt
A high-quality flat belt made from premium fabric and synthetic rubber. Strong belt consisting of best quality cotton fabric Special Port / Port / Harbor / Stick Band

  • Resistant to frequent bendings with minimum stretch and shrinkage
  • Heat, water and oil resistant

  • Applications:
  • For textile and agricultural machines
Brand(s) Available:


Types :
  • H: Harbour ® P: Port ®
  • Made to order for cut edge type (Pioneer®, ECHO®), DRY FLEX® and Canvas surface types
  • A lot for made to order items is 100m
Link Belt
Ultimate detachable V-belt

  • The unique linkage system enables Nu-T-Link to be uncoupled in seconds by simply rotating the "T" shaped studs though 90 degrees
  • Separating the links with the simple tools provided
  • Links may be added or removed to obtain correct belt length and coupling is a straightforward reversal of the same procedure

  • Applications:
  • Conveyor
  • General purpose
  • Elevator application
Brand(s) Available: