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MITSUBOSHI Automotive Belts

  • Automotive V-Belts
  • Automotive V-Ribbed Belts
  • Automotive Timing Belts
  • Timing Belts Cross Section

MITSUBOSHI Conventional V-Belts

  • Most commonly used for power transmission
  • Available also Red V-Belt for higher power capacity

MITSUBOSHI - Industrial Power Transmission Products (V601-C)

Power Transmission Belts and Related Products, Conveyor Belts, Engineering Plastic Products


  • A reduction of the drive weight due to a smaller belt and sheave contribute to a higher speed drive

MITSUBOSHI Polyurethane Timing Belts

  • Superior in accuracy for light duty application
  • Superior in oil resistance

MITSUBOSHI Super Torque Timing Belts

  • Round tooth desigh distributes load stress evenly over the entire belt tooth and provides increased horsepower capacity

MITSUBOSHI Classical Timing Belts

  • This trapezoid tooth timing belt has noise levels lower than that of chains and gears and does not require lubrication


  • Thin and flexible belt features allow space saving drive design
  • Being light and thin makes high speed drive up to 60m/sec possible

MITSUBOSHI - Line-up of Power Transmission Products (VB580G-C)

Industrial Belts, Office Automation & Home Appliance Machinery Belts, Agricultural Belts, Automotive Belts


  • Uniform Tension member alignment provides for high speed and smooth drives with minimum vibration
  • Compact design enables the use of smaller pulleys

MITSUBOSHI Ribstar V-Ribbed Belts

  • Combines high power transmission capacity of V-Belt and flexibility of flat belt

MITSUBOSHI Variable Speed Belts

  • Greater lengthwise flexibility over small sheaves and transverse rigidity in tough drives