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MITSUBOSHI Polyurethane Timing Belts FREESPAN Belt

This belt is suitable for synchronous transportation and power transmission requiring accurate positioning


Smaller belt size deliver same power comparable to conventional belts

A narrower sheave results in a more compact belt drive design

A reduction of the drive weight due to a smaller belt and sheave contribute to a higher speed drive

MITSUBOSHI Super Torque Timing Belts

Round tooth design distributes load stress evenly over the entire belt tooth and provides increased horsepower capacity

Almost perfect tooth mesh reduces noise level to the minimal

Special groove profile results in less bending fatigu

MITSUBOSHI Ribstar V-Ribbed Belts

Combines high power transmission capacity of V-Belt and flexibility of flat belt

Suitable for high speed, high efficiency drive

Flexibility allows for smaller pulley diameter and space saving drive design

MITSUBOSHI Line-up of Power Transmission Products (VB580G-C)

Industrial Belts, Office Automation & Home Appliance Machinery Belts, Agricultural Belts, Automotive Belts


Uniform Tension member alignment provides for high speed and smooth drives with minimum vibration

Compact design enables the use of smaller pulleys

Specially treated cords minimized belt stretching and bending fatigue

MITSUBOSHI Polyurethane Timing Belts

Superior in accuracy for light duty application

Superior in oil resistance

Clean drive

Anti ozone


Thin and flexible belt features allow space saving drive design

Uniform belt thickness and minimized vibration result in a smooth running and quiet drive

Being light and thin makes high speed drive up to 60m/sec possible

MITSUBOSHI Conventional V-Belts

Most commonly used for power transmission

Heat and oil resistance

"SET FREE" eliminates the need for belt matching

Available also Red V-Belt for higher power capacity

MITSUBOSHI Automotive Belts

Automotive V-Belts

Automotive V-Ribbed Belts

Automotive Timing Belts

Timing Belts Cross Section

Timing Belts Replacement